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Quick get away

Wow, it’s been a crazy week!  I had to leave BW last Thursday for a quick career related for an appointment I had in Chicago Friday morning.  I was the perfect excuse to visit my aunt, uncle and two cousins, who live in Chesterton Indiana exactly and hour east of Chicago.  My mom and I hardly ever get to go see them due to the distance, my constant commitments, and the age of our, not totally reliable, vehicles.  This was a very short notice trip but it was something I felt strongly that I was meant to do,  So, for this trip my grandmother, my mom, and my little dog, Nina, picked me up from school and off we went.  It’s just under 5 hours to my aunt’s house and I slept part of the way and my mom and grandma split the driving.

We got to their house before the kids, aged twelve and nine, went to bed, partly due to the one hour time difference, and spent the evening playing with some of their many pets.  When I say many, I MEAN many.  They have three large dogs of their own and two foster dogs looking for a home.  My aunt does animal rescue with an organized group.  They also have two cats, two rats, two aquariums, two chinchillas and a big white guinea pig. Holding the guinea pig brought back memories as I had pet guinea pigs when I was really young.  The highlight of the pet part of the evening was definitely turning the two chinchillas loose and watching how hilarious they are.  Their favorite activity besides chewing everything is getting into a container of dust that specially made for chinchillas.  Apparently this is how they bath.  The only bad part of setting them free is catching them again.  They’re fast and can jump, but their very gentile when you hold them and the softest things I’ve ever felt.


We got up early Friday morning for my appointment and my aunt drove my mom and I into Chicago. We managed not to get too lost and actually found parking pretty easily.  About forty five minutes later I was done with my important business and changed into my walking shoes and headed off to find my mom and aunt.  We spent the next few hours walking all over the city, having coffee, a little window shopping, lunch, and visiting the “Bean” in Millennium Park.  It was a lot of walking but, I loved the city and would love to return some day when I have more time and money.  We spent the rest of the that day, back at my aunts, visiting, eating pizza and I watched a funny animated movie with my adorable cousins called “The Crudes”.  Unfortunately,  we had to leave Saturday afternoon as I had six hours of Carousel rehearsal on Sunday and an appointment with a photographer from New York, who was taking all of BWMT2016’s head shots.  It was a fun, productive, but quick trip. I hope to go back again soon.  This Friday, I’m leaving BW again to go to Sandusky Ohio for a wedding and won’t be back until Sunday for my Carousel rehearsal.