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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Music Theatre Masters NO. 1


Our first Music Theatre Master Class of my sophomore year was with Michael Cassara, from the Michael Cassara Casting agency, 333 W. 39th St., Suite #800,  New York, NY. This was my second time meeting Michael as he had given a class last year as well. He is a highly respected and relevant casting director in NY right now, and has cast for Broadway along with being the head casting director at NYMF.

I was very excited to sing for him and finally make my step into the professional world. I chose to sing "You Oughta Know",  by Alanis Morissette, as it’s something I love, shows edge, and who would expect a ballerina to sing rock?!  The junior class went first because the seniors were in NYC getting their professional headshots taken. They each did 32 bar cuts of their song of choice, then we sophomores followed by making our Master Class debut.  I was called toward the end of the order, got up, introduced myself, and rocked my song to the best of my ability.   His first comment was "Well, you're sitting in my lap."  Apparently I had gotten too aggressive in making sure I filled the space.  He went on to give me helpful criticisms like "be more confident from the beginning, and take on the strong character of the song."  I enjoyed and appreciated all he had to say and he was very open and honest with his advise when the class was opened up for Q & A at the end.  It was a great way to kick off the Master Class season, and I really look forward to improving and growing with each successive one.