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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


The title of my freshman showcase, "At The Buffet" pretty much sums up my crazy MT2016 class, who we also refer to as, the hot messes.  Our showcase was at the very end of my freshman year on May 7th in the John Patrick Theatre in Kleist. It was also one of the last times our whole class was together before we all took off in different directions for the summer.


Freshman showcase for a Music Theatre Major is, the first "coming out" to the public and school as performers.  Since the freshman do not perform in most Master Classes, the showcase is the first time we get to show what we're made of. Most of our second semester workshop class with Vicky is dedicated to working on rep and group numbers she wants to use for showcase.  She picks what song she thinks best shows us individually (or in duos and trios), then we work on the beats and acting of the songs in workshop with her and our classmate's feedback.  I was chosen to sing At The Ballet from "A Chorus Line" with my friends Dana and Caroline (which yielded our punny title). I was really glad Vicky chose this song because it showed that I am a dancer as well as a singer and actor.  Our finale was One Day More from Les Miserables, which took some time to piece together vocally. We also did a goofy, chaotic, animal breeding piece from Bat Boy called Children, Children.


On the day of showcase we all met backstage with Vicky in a circle and held hands to each give one word like "poise" or "focus" to remember as we went out on stage. We each did our individual numbers, then finished strong with One Day More, which earned a huge applause from our audience. "Hot Mess" stepped into the Music Theatre world in a fierce way, and I can only imagine what incredible things come for us in the next three years!