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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Today I got to see the Music Theatre Freshman Showcase in the JPT. It seems like last week it was my class freaking out about our debut, and now we're basically juniors. Woah!  Their showcase was named [title of showcase], in reference to the Off-Broadway show [title of show].  Vicky upped her game with choreography and multiple student pianists playing for the showcase.


The freshman killed every number and really stepped out in a big way. All the group numbers were from Spring Awakening which showed off how this class is very contemporary and vocally blend beautifully.  They did funny and heavy material from some shows like Ordinary Days, The Last 5 Years, Lizzie Borden, and one really classical number from Phantom.  They kept wardrobe simple, Mostly just variations of black, white, and denim which I love because it makes the performance raw and about the talent being shown not flashy dresses and heels.  They ended with The Song of Purple Summer from Spring Awakening which brought me back to Vicky's haunting production of it at Beck Center 3 years ago, which was one of the things that inspired me to audition for Baldwin Wallace Music Theatre Program. I look forward to what this class brings forth going into the ever daunting sophomore year!  The torch has been passed.