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I need a job!  I have been cast in a musical this summer which starts rehearsing six days a week in Cleveland Heights on May 13th, and while I do get paid for this theatre job, it’s not a lot, and I don’t get paid until closing night, June 30th.  I will be staying with friends in Berea all summer to be closer to rehearsals but in order to afford to do that, I need a job. To make matters trickier, I don't have a reliable car.  My little VW Jetta back home has issues, and I'm not sure it could make it to Berea from home and if it did, I don't think it could handle the drive back and forth to rehearsals each night. The lack of a vehicle has left me to try to search for summer campus jobs exclusively.

I had my first job interview, ever, Monday afternoon, during the power outage, and it went well. Unfortunately, this job is just a few hours a week and I'm looking more towards finding something full time weekdays, because after a job, I desperately need a newer car.  I've applied to every job listed on the Student Employment Center's website plus some that weren't, and I have another interview tomorrow for an office type position and a couple more next week.   I'm optimistic but starting to panic a little, because I like to eat daily and that takes money.  There's no jacket card in the summer.  So, wish me luck because, I need a job!