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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


On a recent evening, when a few of my classmates and I were feeling that we needed a little something different to do for a workout routine we all dug out, what we could find, in bathing suits (beach bikinis mostly) and headed over to the rec for a little swimming pool time.  This was the first we busy music theatre freshman had ventured into the pool. The rec offers open swim from 7 to 10pm on most weeknights, so we stayed for most of that time getting in touch with our inner summer campers.


We didn't work out so much as play games like the category game and a little diving board action.  We also delved into using flippers for speed, which made me feel like an awkward swimming Sasquatch. It was a great change from the elliptical (ugh), and made for a cackle-filled night plus soreness in muscles I didn't even know I had.  We made a lot of memories that evening with the photos to prove it and we all would like to go back to swim more regularly.  Taking into account how sore my muscles were after that evening, I’d say it’s a great all over body workout.  There’s a lot to do here at Baldwin Wallace.  My friends and I can always find the fun, even in the rec center.