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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Today was the official start of Spring, in my eyes, as it was the first day of pure warmth, sunshine, and happiness.  My Spring fever is setting in, but unfortunately, it’s about four weeks too soon, as classes are becoming increasingly more challenging, and finals are quickly approaching (OY).  I sometimes need to step back, take a breath,  and try to organize my thoughts so I can, again, go full steam ahead.  SO, to de-stress a little today, two of my friends and myself took it upon ourselves to partake in some “puppy therapy” at the Strongsville Mall. 

We cuddled and played with a Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund cross) and a Maltese mix, which is my weakness.  The Chiweenie was literally smaller than my foot, and weighed less than two pounds, and the other little fluff ball had darling pink paws and the softest white fur.  The cuddle session was exactly what I needed.  It just killed me not being able to take both little babies home, but, since my mom works with dogs and is a former Humane Agent and my aunt also works with a dog rescue as a foster caregiver, I would never buy a puppy from a pet store, as that only promotes animal cruelty, by creating a market for overcrowded puppy mill breeders, who supply the dogs for the pet stores to sell at a huge mark-up. Of course once the poor little bundles of love are already there…..it doesn’t hurt anyone to give them some socialization.  Right?  I know it sure helped me!  I suggest everyone de-stress with man's best friend, because, with “puppy therapy”, one can never go wrong.