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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


It's official.  For the BW Beatles Festival 2014, the group will be covering the Beatles only double album featuring 30 songs, known as The White Album.  What a huge feat for the next generation of BW Beatles.  Considering the talent of the BW Conservatory students and faculty available, I 'm sure next year's festival will be amazing, even with several key players graduating this year. I've no doubt they are already hard at work on the planning for next year.


I was lucky enough to see the Magical Mystery Tour performance on Friday the 22nd in the Conservatory.  The line to "roll up for the Mystery Tour" stretched all the way through the con, and I'm pretty certain some people were turned away.  When the concert commenced at 10:30, I was already having trouble sitting still in my seat as Nick, James, Patrick, and Mickey jammed to some of the best music ever written.  As the show went on, people slowly joined me in grooving to the music especially when they played some of the more well known tunes like I Am the Walrus and Strawberry Fields Forever. I greatly enjoyed the show, and wished it could be even more casual, like a concert. 


Hopefully The White Album show will be just as successful as the last two, especially because it features my theme song "Julia" (which very few know).  It is assumed that auditions will be held to fill the spots of those graduating Beatles boys Nick and James. I pray this tradition is carried on until all of the albums have been covered by the talented artists here at BW.  


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