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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


“You have a package”.  An email containing those four words can set my heart to racing like no others!  When I'm having a bad day, or feeling a little lost, nothing is better than receiving that email then hurrying over to Bonds to pick up a surprise package.  Whether it contains holiday or birthday gifts, food, cash, clothes, shoes, or just about anything from home, it's a great feeling to carry the hidden treasure back to my dorm and open it up.  It's almost as satisfying when I've ordered something myself (like my brand new gold wedge kicks) and then gotten busy with daily college life, to the point which I’ve forgotten about the order, until that beautiful email arrives. 

Some of my favorite packages this year (besides my ukulele, Luke) have contained: dresses, some essential ballet leotards, Vera Bradley wallets, a pink Otterbox, leather boots, and homemade cookies from mom!  It's like Christmas every time I go to pick up a package.  My friends are sometimes envious of the things my mom sends, but I just use the only child excuse, meaning it's justifiable that I'm a little spoiled.  Now I will just busy myself with studying, going to class, and other important college stuff while I anxiously wait for my next mailroom email to arrive. https://www.bw.edu/resources/mailcenter/#.UVECAY90WMU.email