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During tech week for the "Fyoo zh en" 2013 Spring Dance Concert, I got news from home that my feisty little 92 year old Great Grandmother passed away.  It was difficult to not be able to be with my family at such a sad time and because of the dance shows I was not able to attend the funeral in Pennsylvania. I got to see her quite a bit during the month I was home for Christmas break so that did make me feel better.   My family wanted me to stay at school and fulfill my obligations, and I think it was probably for the best.

I had gotten to know Granny better in recent years as she had moved to Ohio after her husband of 64 years, my wonderful Great Grandfather, died and she lived with my grandparents a lot of the time. About three years ago my grandfather passed away unexpectedly and  Great Granny moved in with my grandmother full time.  She was a little five foot tall lady who spent her final time doing jigsaw puzzles and watching, who she called her "boyfriend", John Wayne in the old westerns.  My grandmother lives near my mom and I and I was at my grandparent’s house a good bit when I was younger but I have always been really busy with rehearsals for dance and theatre and when my mom would visit without me she would always say, " Is Juliet dancing"?  I never knew why she called me Juliet as my name is Julia, but she always did. She liked for me to dance around my grandmother's living room because she wasn't well enough to go to my shows much the last couple of years. She said she knew what I did at the arts center because she saw a part of it at home and it seemed as though sometimes that was the only thing that could make her smile. She was moved to a nursing home before she returned to my grandma's when she was in the height of her illness, and I loved seeing her eyes light up every time I came to visit even if it was just to sit at the foot of her bed while she watched TCM.  My Granny will never be forgotten and I know she is in a better place and not suffering any longer.  Goodbye, Great Granny.