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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


This past Saturday afternoon, just before the performance of "Fyoo zh zen", the spring dance show, all the Music Theatre Majors had a three hour master class with Richard Fisher from Abrams Artist Agency in New York City.  As with every master class, the seniors do two song cuts that best represent them, juniors do one, and the sophomores do one small cut, while we freshman just watch and listen to prepare ourselves for next year.  Vicki always strategically makes the order for everyone to perform keeping in mind who the heavy hitters are and who works well in the middle to always keep the agent or casting director entertained and impressed.  Richard was great with the feedback he gave each MT.  He was possibly the most concise and honest agent we've seen this year.  He made it clear to each student what he liked  or didn't about their outfit choice, their songs and delivery, and what he saw about their package as a whole.  A valid point that pertains to me as I love fashion was that some of the girls wore dresses that made him "nervous," meaning they were just a tad too short to be appropriate. He also made the point that this IS a business and you must market yourself from a business standpoint.  Play up your strengths and don't make weaknesses obvious, also be smart about what agency you would work well in, not just hope that any agent wants to represent you.  I definitely will take those things into consideration when Richard comes back our junior year.  After master class, it was straight to Kleist to give another great performance of Fyoo zh en.  A day filled with all the things I adore!