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I had a great time this past Wednesday night joining in the celebration of my friend Andrew's 21st birthday. Of course, considering my schedule, which starts with a 7:00am ballet boot camp Thursday morning, it may not have been the wisest of choices but fun none the less.  It was a surprise planned by Andrew's mother who organized the whole night from Boston with our friend, and Andrew's roommate, Adrian.  She planned for us all to have an awesome hibachi dinner at Shinto the Japanese Steakhouse in Strongsville, Ohio, a mere 10 minutes from Baldwin Wallace University, where we're all students.  We all met at about 6:30 in time to surprise Andrew and made sure he hadn't a clue what was being planned.  When he arrived (blindfolded) with two of his roommates, we all shouted "SURPRISE" as his blindfold came off.  His face showed how stunned he was that we were all there and about where he was since he was blindfolded the entire way there!


We sat around a giant skillet in which the chefs/comedians would come entertain us with knife tossing, quick jokes, and lots of sake for the birthday boy.  Considering it was his 21st it couldn't go without practicing his new legality.  The hibachi chefs pulled out three different squirt bottles of sake and passed them to the people sitting next to Andrew so they could shoot it into his mouth.  In reality it turned out to be a soppy mess on his nice button down shirt, but hey, you only turn 21 once.  We had delicious meals of fried rice and chicken and shrimp plus a couple of martinis for Andrew.  It was a fun night capped off by some serious food comas for all.  I love to celebrate good times with my wonderful BWU friends and classmates! #YJ4L