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CARRIE: The Musical is going into its fourth of five weekends tonight, Friday,  February  28th, 2014!  We close on Sunday, March 9th.   The show has been going great and we have gotten fantastic reviews from the Cleveland media and audiences alike.  I love performing in this show as it is super high energy and has really hard hitting hip hop style dance numbers that are a blast to perform.  If you can get tickets, http://www.bw.edu/news/carrie/ to one of the last 6 performances at Beck Center,(the box office phone is: 216-521-2540) I think you will enjoy the show. 


Carrie is a musical based on the 1970’s horror novel by Stephen King about a high school senior who is bullied at home by her crazy religious mother who continually tells her she’s not like the other girls and who is also bullied by the kids at school for not conforming to their standard of normal. Carrie finds her “power” in this musical.  It was originally done on Broadway in 1988 and was a notorious and extremely expensive flop which closed after five sold out performances due to the financial backers pulling out of the show.  CARRIE: The Musical was rewritten several years ago and revived Off Broadway in 2012.  This is the version our show is based on.  While this show is definitely  PG-13 and may offend some audiences, with language and subject matter, most will find it a fun entertaining evening.  So,  come see us and say hi after the show.   The following links will allowing you to read some of the wonderful reviews our, Beck Center in collaboration with Baldwin Wallace Conservatory’s  Music Theatre Program, production (a regional premiere) has been fortunate to receive: ttp://www.cleveland.com/onstage/index.ssf/2014/02/carrie_the_musical_at_the_beck.html