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Sunday Funday!  I'm such a lucky girl with the coolest most talented bunch of comrades.  It was a "bloody" fun day starting with performing in the matinee of Carrie: The Musical, followed by attending the sold out performance at Nighttown, a jazz club in Cleveland Heights, by the BW Beatles boys.  I would consider myself a Beatles fan, but am no James Penca or Patrick Hyzy who could (and have) written an entire thesis on the Fab Four, and know every album including those that even the die-hards aren't so familiar with. This is the fourth year the BWBeatles Festival has taken place At Baldwin Wallace Conservatory Of Music, and it is a special year at that.  Exactly 50 years ago John, Paul, Ringo, and George played their first American gig on The Ed Sullivan Show.  This marks a huge year for the group that some call the best rock and roll band of all time, thus marks the BW Beatles' debut of "The Beatles" more commonly known as the White Album.  This is one of the groups most highly recognized records, second only to Abbey Road.  Some of my favorites include: "While My Guitar Gently Weeps,”  “Blackbird,”  “Dear Prudence,”  “Honey Pie," “Happiness is a Warm Gun,”  and of course my personal serenade "Julia."


My friend Mickey who is a second year BWBeatle sang John Lennon's gorgeous ballad, the "song of love" right to me, bringing tears to my eyes.  His voice is out of this world and always has such an honest, tender quality.  I couldn't have asked for a more special 4 minutes.  After the incredible hour long performance was over the boys plugged their real performance here at BW, which will take place March 29th at 7:30pm in the JPT! Last year they performed The Magical Mystery Tour to packed SRO audiences, so plan to go and plan to be there very early!  It's not an event anyone should miss.  These boys are incomparable performers and musicians as are the near 50 piece full orchestra that will be supporting them.


Following my wonderfully art-submersed day, the gang took our second weekly Sunday trip to Barrio to fill our starving artist bellies with queso and tacos.  It was one for the books (or at the very least Instagram).  This was definitely one of those days that makes a person sigh and know that they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be and for me that means being a member of the small but close knit community that is Baldwin Wallace University  Conservatory’s Music Theatre Program.  Peace, Love, and Beatlemania!