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While I attend a university I'm crazy about and have many wonderful professors, and challenging classes.   I think the one aspect that makes it all feel so right, is the amazing classmates I have been privileged to get to know in the five months that I've been at BW as a freshman.  Because of the time consuming nature of classes, practice, rehearsals, and homework, and the intensity of the Music Theatre Program, I will say, that most of the people I am blessed to consider much more than classmates, but true friends, are from my major, but not all of them.  I tend to make friends easily, am very social, and enjoy new experiences and environments, but attending college in this program with so many unbelievably talented individuals who all share a similar passion for their future as performing artists, is a dream come true.  The class of 2016 spent a good deal of time getting to know each other last year, through a social media group, and some of us from Ohio were lucky enough to meet, here on campus, last spring, at a few performances we attended, featuring the current Music Theatre Major Sophomores and last year's graduating class.  I also spent time with several of my current classmates at the overnight orientation this past June and we deepened our bond then.  In addition, I got to know some of the class of 2015 last year, through a friend in that class, and so, from day one I’ve been comfortable at BW and I’ve quickly realized that some of these goofballs will become my lifelong friends.

From the first weekend of school in August, I've made nothing but good memories with "Hot Mess 2016" (the name we’ve rightfully earned).  Even when there weren't planned parties or events to go to, we found fun things to do without spending a ton of money. When it was still warm back in the fall, a group of us would go to Coe Lake often and go on nature walks and then hang out in someone’s room at night with pizza and Netflix. The point is, having solid friends to always fall back on and make great memories with, is SUCH a crucial thing in college, and no one understands you better than friends in your major.  I don't know what I would do without my best girlfriends to gossip and vent with, as "Lifetime" as that sounds.  Some days, in this major, are just so overwhelming and they make you feel so small and defeated, it’s almost impossible to keep going without friends pushing and supporting you.  Quality over quantity definitely applies to friends too.  Because I've always been social, I enjoy having a lot of friends, but I think it’s most essential to have one or two really solid friends to lean on.  Also, branching out to socialize with people outside your age group and major is rather important.  I've made really great friends in some of the seniors, who all have houses to hang out at, and have already experienced all the wonderful freshman tribulations, therefore they can give real organic advice.  It's awesome that age doesn't matter at BW and we're all just people, here for a similar goal.  Friends make the world go 'round, especially when you have friends like mine, who can't go an entire day without collectively laughing until they cry.  I would not trade my evolving college friendships for the world.