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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


A right of passage for BWMT sophomores and as a resume builder, Vicky recommends that we all participate in Straw Hat, or summer stock theatre. This means that we go to big cattle call auditions with up to fifty theaters in hopes of being cast in some big roles in an entire summer season of shows. Vicky has close connections with three specific big summer stock theaters, one being New London Barn in New Hampshire, run by Carol Dunn, who is also the artistic director at Northern Stage. Carol and Vicky are good friends so Carol comes in every year to audition the MT sophomores at BW during our workshop class. We all ran through the 90 second auditions we have been practicing, which all went off seamlessly. We were then asked to step out in the hall while Carol and Vicky discussed who they wanted to bring back for callbacks. She called me back for the role of Lola in "Damn Yankees", and several of my classmates for roles in A Little Night Music and Spamalot. I had a couple minutes to read through the scene with my friend Gabe who was called back for the male role before I was called in to read for Carol. I really had no idea what Damn Yankees was about other than baseball and didn't really know how to interpret Lola, who is a sex pot sent from the devil to seduce the main character Joe. I tried it how we had practiced, then received the direction to slow down my speech and use an exotic accent like that of Sofia Vergara. I played with that a little but noticed my nerves and lack of knowledge about the show got the best of me and underplayed the part a bit.


Overall, I knew I had done what I could but wished I had brought a little more to the table as far as my callback. I discussed my concerns with Vicky in class on Thursday and we agreed as a class that we would like more work with cold reads such as one would receive in a callback situation so we can play with just making big acting choices rather than doing what's "right." SO, next week a Carrie castmate of mine and a grad of Vicky's first MT class, Jodi Dominick is coming in to work us on cold readings and being spontaneous and coachable. I'm not too discouraged about New London because I have been made aware of some other summer seasons that could be even better for me and look forward to the next round of auditions on Tuesday when the director of Timberlake Playhouse in Illinois is here! A friend of mine joked that we should be happy to be cast in the production "Better Luck Next Time!" hehe