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Saturday, 2/8 was a busy day for the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music's Music Theatre Department. It was an audition day for prospective class of 2018 MT students, directly followed by the mandatory MT masterclass from 3 to 6pm.  Then those of us who are in "Carrie the Musical" at Beck Center in Lakewood Ohio, had to immediately head out to be ready for our 8:00pm performance.  After the show, some of us topped off the night with a lovely dinner at Maya Mexican Restaurant followed by (for me) homework, blog writing and catching some Olympic coverage. It’s the kind of day I live for.

The masterclass was with David Cash from Nocolosi & Co., a sassy, seasoned, accomplished, wise, compact man standing at no more than 5’ 2".  David is a well recognized and respected agent in NYC who has signed past BWMT grads, including Shannon O'Boyle and James Penca.  Mr. Cash gave a wonderful class, going into great depth, specifically with the seniors, often asking for additional cuts of something contrasting to what they had prepared to sing.  David gave witty comments and was very personable, taking in everyone's resume thoroughly, and even asking about where individuals were originally from.  After all of the seniors, juniors, and sophomores had sung each of their cuts, David conducted some mock interviews with a couple of the seniors, at times breaking the fourth wall to narrate what it is he likes to see in the interview, mostly saying he prefers to have interviews with actual real humans and not music theatre robots or egocentric actors who can't communicate without talking only about themselves.  Unfortunately, I had to leave for my Carrie call by 5:45, so I was not able to hear the rest of his lecture, but luckily David got to come to the see our performance of Carrie that night, in turn, seeing what he proclaimed he thought was the best BW production he's seen yet!  He and his wife both complimented me and the entire cast after the show and were clearly very impressed with the production, the third collaboration between Beck Center and Baldwin Wallace Music Theatre Department.  He was a delight, and I look forward to him returning for the MT Masters series next year.