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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


I was very privileged to be able to see the BWBeatles group perform an acoustic show, EVERY LITTLE THING, last night, Sunday, Feb. 17th, 2013 at the Cleveland jazz club/restaurant, NIGHTTOWN, with two of my girlfriends. This ridiculously talented group of four boys, James Penca, Patrick Hyzy, Nick Pankuch, and temporary stand-in for Mickey Ryan, Rod O'Toole, all students of Baldwin Wallace Conservatory, began this, the largest student-organized concert on campus, BWBeatles Festival three years ago. BW hosts the annual Bach fest, but these boys wanted to pay homage to some other amazing musicians, who, maybe even more people can identify with. They plan to make their way through all of the albums with each passing year, this, the third year,  features "Magical Mystery Tour" live, in its entirety, with full orchestration. 

The event last night was to, more or less, promote "BWBeatles Fest" to the general public rather than just those with Baldwin Wallace Conservatory connections. We were seated in the jam packed restaurant and had dinner while these talented boys jammed in front of the full house. They opened with some well-known classics like "Hello Goodbye", "Lucy in the Sky", and "Something", amongst others. James and Nick charmed the audience with their wit and of course their smooth voices, then opened it up for requests from the audience, which was mostly Beatles generation folks. All the boys are extreme Beatles enthusiasts, so they were not stumped once when receiving song requests. The show had to conclude by 8:30 but I could have sat there all night listening to them jam to possibly some of the greatest music ever written. Thankfully the REAL show happens on March 23rd at the BW Conservatory!! Plan ahead if you want to attend, as hundreds of people were turned away last year. It would be a shame to miss these amazingly talented boys play this universally beloved music.