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Baldwin Wallace University has been in the grips of the polar vortex or arctic blast or whatever you want to call it, but it is dang cold!  Actually this weekend,  it has warmed up to slightly above freezing a couple of times but the month of January was brutal!  We also had a rare day off of classes this past Tuesday, January 28, 2014.  While there was some snow, classes were cancelled due to the severe wind chills of -18! The actual temps were below zero and to be outside more than a few minutes is really painful with those wind chills. Carrie rehearsals, in Lakewood, however, were not cancelled. I just rested up that day until it was time to leave for Carrie around 5:30, and I was not particularly productive but after classes all day this month and rehearsals all evening, it starts to catch up with you after a while and you just need a rest day.  I’m hoping the severe cold has passed for this winter, though I sure that we’re still in for some major snow incidents.


Yesterday, Saturday, began our tech for Carrie the Musical at Beck Center in collaboration with Baldwin Wallace University’s Music Theater Department. Today we are into our second twelve hour day of tech and I’m actually writing this blog, as well as the one I wrote yesterday, from my rehearsal.  The show opens this Friday, February 7th at Beck and runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through March 9th.  It’s a high energy fun show for mature audiences and is the regional premiere so the shows will sell out quickly after the first weekend.  Tickets can be reserved by calling the Beck Center box office at: 216-521-2640.  If any adult and senior tickets are reserved before 2/6 they are $5 dollars off and student tickets are always $15.  For more info see: https://www.bw.edu/news/carrie/