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Well, I survived the first week of spring semester and I can see that this semester is going to fly by. The weather has been brutally cold and snowy and I'm really busy with Carrie rehearsals five nights a week and all day Sunday, which are held in Lakewood at The Beck Center. When this show is over on March 9th, some of us leave for Pace University in NYC for the Straw Hat Auditions, to determine what summer stock theater we'll be performing at this summer, then after we return there is just about 7 weeks left of my sophomore year. Crazy!


My classes this semester are much more major-specific which is refreshing and so exciting knowing I have all my general music classes done. I now have a music theatre solfege and harmony course daily which switches between learning how to accompany ourselves on guitar and piano, music theatre history, and learning how to breakdown and be able to accurately perform callback material within 24 hours. I'm very glad that I have a more applicable music class this semester. I also have MT workshop with the incredible Victoria Bussert this semester which is a personal growth and mind opening experience every class. We are currently putting together our Straw Hat auditions with her guidance to compile the most marketable package for our type and individual strengths. This upcoming week my class gets to be the guinea pigs that will "audition" three Broadway music directors that are in the running for the MT program's adjunct music director. Each candidate will be playing our Straw Hat auditions as if it was a real one shot audition, and they then get to give us a lecture on any topic of their choosing in Music Theatre. I am beyond excited and grateful that I get to be a catalyst in this crucial decision for the music program here at BW. My other classes are great and I threw in a psychology course as well. These upcoming weeks are going to be a bloody rush with Carrie opening so soon, but this is why I am here, and I can sleep when I'm dead. Let’s do it!