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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


I'm a student of the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music. A music theatre major with a dance minor, to be exact. I have a full schedule of many challenging and interesting classes, and, don't get me wrong, I adore my dance classes, but, my Music Theatre Workshop class may be my favorite. Last semester MT Workshop was taught by the wonderful Scott Plate, and was where we were given scene work and ice-breaking activities like the "provocative questions" game. We did not make it through the semester without each of us breaking down and sobbing in class at least once. Scott is all about provoking and bringing to the surface our deepest emotions and scars.

The same thing goes for this semester, as we are to pick a music theatre song that we can emotionally connect with then, after much practice, we will perform them for both Stephen Gross, the music director and Victoria Bussert, our amazingly talented MT program director.

We're also preparing for our Freshman Showcase, which is in the spring, and is kind of like the freshman classes' coming out/debut. Freshman Showcase is a pay off, finally, to what has not been the best year for me, as far as casting goes. My fire for performing is coming back now. As I always say "Go big or go home!"