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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


With the start of a brand new semester, obviously begin some new and challenging classes and endeavors for we students. Last semester, my dance training consisted of ballet boot camp, ballet class, and tap class. Ballet was a breeze and I learned to love tap, but these two classes never really left me feeling sore.  HOWEVER, the first week of this semester brought about jazz and modern, which are two dance forms I adore.  My “summer camp” days, as we students call them, are Tuesdays and Thursdays, because on these days the only classes we have are dance classes and the MT workshop class, where we sing. Jazz with, Greg Daniels , is first, and kicked my behind. Next comes workshop and then modern, with Sara Whale, which was so “out there” and so fun. After these classes (which also included a few hundred sit-ups), I was feeling fit and fine, until I awoke on Wednesday! I walked into class to see all of my classmates with the same grimace of pain caused by dancing the day before. I haven’t felt so sore since my days of dancing twelve performances of “The Nutcracker Ballet”, and I have not yet recovered! Needless to say, the sculpting of our “Broadway Bodies” will shortly ensue.