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As I mentioned in a previous blog entry,  I auditioned for, got called back, and subsequently hired to do my first television commercial back in November.  Along with myself, another BWMT 2016 student was also hired for the same commercial, which was shot in three locations around Cleveland.   The company that requested talent from my agency has been doing commercials for this massive chain of fast food restaurants since the 70s and I’m not gonna lie, I have, on occasion, indulged in said fast food in the past.


Well, the “McDonald’s” commercial started airing around the middle of December when I was already home for Christmas break and they originally aired 5 or 6 versions of it for a couple weeks before settling on a slightly longer version which I hadn’t seen until this week. My beautiful friend Katie is the main focus of the commercial and I was hired as an extra but in the final version my face is briefly on camera so I was just upgraded to a principal so I got a raise and will receive a small commission as long as the commercial airs.  My mom says she has seen it on every network in the Cleveland area several times a day.  It’s was an odd experience but I think I would do it again.  There’s no dialog just music in this fast paced shot. So, look for Katie and I in the 3 4 5 menu Super Good commercial and see if you recognize Edgewater Beach with a bon fire in the last part.  I’m lovin it!