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Baldwin Wallace's Music Theatre Department is going to be doing "Carrie the Musical" in collaboration with Beck Center for the Arts in Lakewood.  I was cast in the ensemble as a high school student. This show is based on the Stephen King novel, "Carrie".  The show was originally on Broadway in 1988 and according to The New York Times, the "more-than-$7 million show...was the most expensive quick flop in Broadway history" and closed after just 16 previews and 5 performances due to the financial backers pulling their funding.  Years later the show was rewritten and 7 of the old songs were replaced with new ones and it was a hit off Broadway in 2012.  It is the second version we will be performing…..only better!  The show opens February 7th and runs until March 9th at the Beck Center's Mackey Main Stage.  Tickets are on sale now and can be reserved on the Beck Center's website or by calling their box office. Complete information here.


We began rehearsal On Sunday January 5th with a vengeance and rehearsed 6 days in a row for nearly 9 hours a day.  I had come back to Baldwin Wallace a week early to stay with cast mates for rehearsals as I couldn't get into my dorm.  My car is in the hospital at the moment so it worked out well that we could all ride to rehearsals together.  The first two days were spent learning the ensemble numbers and polishing vocals before starting some hardcore athletic hip hop choreography that this show has never seen before all thanks to the talents of BW's own, Mr. Gregory Daniels.  After three exhausting 8+ hour days we started calling the show, Carrie the "Bruisical."  The dancing is intense and hard hitting with the most exaggerated amount of teen angst possible and there is one number in particular, which we perform up on benches, that is the reason why my legs are currently as bruised as a ripe banana.  It's been really fun and totally worth the physical pain, because seriously, how many other times in our college career are we going to hear these magic words which were spoken by the great Victoria Bussert during one of our rehearsals last week, "This may be the best cast I’ve ever worked with” and that means a lot coming from Vicky.   We did so well that our second Sunday rehearsal was cancelled because we were already running ahead of schedule!  I can’t wait to bring this show to the stage next month.