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Tomorrow morning, Thursday, January 10, 2013, I am heading back to Berea, and The Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music, to settle in for a few days and work on “Love Story” audition material and choreography for the upcoming dance concert.  I cannot  wait to see all of my Music Theatre classmates! My only wish is that the dorms were open to returning students  a day or two sooner than a mere 24 hours before classes start with a vengeance.  Less than a day really isn’t enough time to unpack and put away everything from 5 weeks at home, clean and organize the dorm room, pick up text books at the BW book store, bookstore.bw.edu/, practice songs, monologues, choreography, pack the new books, pencils, notebooks, and dance clothes, shoes, and tights in the book bag, and be showered and ready for 7:00am class the following morning.  Oy!

 I hope to tackle this semester with more control, as I already kind of know what to expect from the grueling  but exciting MT life. I look forward to working with my friend Ellis on our piece for Dance Concert and for many more Master Classesand workshops down the road. The first semester was extremely tough but actually really flew by, so I’m ready to take this next one in stride and also take time out occasionally to enjoy the ride because I’ll never be a Freshman again.