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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


This past Saturday night, I borrowed some old clothes from the early 90s that belonged to my mother, leather shorts, Black thigh high stockings, tall leather spike heel boots, and leather motorcycle jacket and paired it with my new lace camisole and some blood red lipstick and I was ready to head to Cleveland with two of my girlfriends, who were sporting similar attire.  “Why”, you ask?  We were going to the midnight showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” at the Cedar Lee Theater.

Upon arriving at Coventry, we struggled to find a parking spot near The Winking Lizard where we were meeting my friend’s family. The three of us scantily clad girls trudged down the main street feeling like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”. We did not evade odd looks from passersby either. After the restaurant, we headed to the theatre where our attire was much more accepted. We were among some die hard Rocky fans who clearly had more experience at the whole interactive show. My friends being Rocky “virgins” were taken aback by the vulgarity and sexuality of the show. The rituals like throwing rice when Brad and Janet get married, and putting newspapers over your head when it rains were strange for newbies like us. By the time the show ended were all kind of in utter shock.   The best part of the night may have been arriving in Perry and meeting my friend, Deidre’s, darling 7 month old Boston Terrier puppy before returning home at wait for it…4am. A Time Warp? I think so.