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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Following my unusually long drive home for winter break I was feeling stressed and looking for something to do at home that didn't involve getting back in the car. My mom made us dinner and we settled in to watch her favorite, Dateline, when I got the brilliant idea to get out the old 8mm video recorder and a slew of old tapes, some of which were not labeled.  I was looking for good footage of some of my years dancing the part of "The Sugarplum Fairy" and "Clara" in The Nutcracker Ballet. It's fun to have those videos for posterity and to reminisce about the days when I was naive and had no worries other than friends and dance.  I found some gems from Nuts past, the annual spring dance concerts, and other life milestones.     


I went back far in time and found a video of my aunt and mother taking me trick or treating when I was four then after we had gone to my grandparents house as Halloween was also my late grandfathers birthday.  I was definitely a ham (with a lisp) and it was really nice to hear my grandfathers voice again after four years. I also found a video of my 14th birthday party, which had me rolling on the floor and set off a flurry of snap chat exchanges. My junior high friends and I were attempting to be thug and do the Soulja Boy "Crank That" dance.  ATTEMPTING being the optimal word.  A bunch of blonde white girls with pointy elbows aren't all that hood.  I'm also really glad I learned how to style my eyebrows after that year. It was an entire night of ab-building from laughing. Now that I’m 20, I'd ask Santa to go back in time to allow me to be a skinny 14 year old dweeb again. I'm fortunate to have had such an amazing childhood and peeking in on it through 8mm tapes was such a hysterical blast from the past.