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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Happy Twenty Thirteen

I spent the earlier part of New Years Eve day searching for audition songs for the upcoming “Love Story” auditions, as they were just announced the previous morning, and bidding farewell to my aunt and cousins who had been visiting. I tried to take a nap so I would be ready for the festivities but my phone prevented that from happening.  Later it took me quite some time to settle on what to wear to the party but that was ok because it allowed me to arrive fashionably late. Ha!


My close friend from high school, Sean, was having  about a dozen of our friends over to his house, where he and his parents were hosting an overnight New Years Eve party.  I arrived about 8:30 and was greeted by Sean’s dad politely taking my coat as always and went downstairs to where my friends were loudly chattering laughing and playing games. The night consisted of Apples to Apples, cards, harassing my friend’s cats and dancing like morons. 12:00 was quickly approaching so we went upstairs to watch the classic New Years Rockin’ Eve. We counted down from 20 until it was 2013! A toast and kisses for everyone were in order to welcome what will hopefully be a fantastic new year. The party didn’t stop until about two hours after the ball drop, but when it did, it did quickly. We all passed out from exhaustion and woke up to the wonderful scent of coffee and French toast. Sean’s parents made us a wonderful breakfast to enjoy while we cracked up reviewing the pictures we took the night before. A successful beginning to what will hopefully be a successful year.