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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Round 2

I may be allergic to home!  I had a nice Christmas after I recovered from the flu last week but started to feel sub-par the evening after Christmas day.  I attributed it to the buffalo wings that we ate for dinner and the massive Christmas cookie consumption of the previous few days, and later in the night went to bed still not feeling great. I didn’t sleep well and ended up with a pain in my side and a bad backache which progressively got worse.

Soooo, a trip to the ER last night was in order.  I was diagnosed with a kidney infection and sent on my way with a prescription for an antibiotic. Everyone at the ER was surprisingly chipper and kind, and thankfully I got in and out in a decent amount of time.  After the ER, my mom took me to get something to eat for the first time that day and I decided to be a trooper and get together with my friends.  Today I am feeling much better on the antibiotic, but obviously wish I never had gotten sick in the first place.  I’m extremely thankful that my body waited until I could be pathetic in my own bed at home rather than to break down TWICE at school.  Oy vey!