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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


I recently went to the Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta, Georgia and it was awesome!  There was so much historical information offered and it was really great to learn more about his life and all the struggles that many minorities endured.  The most memorable part about King Center was being able to walk into Ebenezer Baptist Church (Dr. King’s church).

There was such a welcoming and overwhelming presence in that sanctuary that could not be avoided.  I couldn’t help but to sit and be grateful of the opportunities that I have because of the suffering of those before me.

I also attended the World of Coke museum in Atlanta.  Why there is so much history behind a Coca-Cola I have no idea but I to taste different beverages from around the world so it was cool LOL.  I learned that there is a secret formula to Coca-Cola that is kept in a vault. Weird stuff.  Have you ever heard of a cola called “Beverly”?  If not, you’re not missing a thing.  This has to be THE WORST drink I have ever tasted in my life.  There was nothing pleasant about drinking it.  I still cannot understand how people drink this stuff.  Beverly is a drink manufactured by Coca-Cola that is sold in some other part of the country (I think it’s in Africa).  Regardless, it is not worth tasting because it was so disgusting.  So if you every go to World of Coke, DON’T DRINK BEVERLY.