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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Black History Month

Black History Month at Baldwin Wallace has been off to a great start!  Many Multicultural Student Services (MSS) organizations have been planning great events to celebrate Black History Month.  Men In Action, a male support group, has had many great discussions about things that affect the Black community such as African-American Leadership.  People of Colored United (POCU) hosted a Black History version of Jeopardy.  This got extremely competitive but was a great experience.   Many people left the event saying they had learned something new by playing the game, including an administrator!

I am really excited for February 27 for two reasons: The Black Student Alliance's (BSA) annual Soul Food Dinner and Scandal!!

 If you've never heard of Scandal, you're missing out on one of the greatest television shows to hit this century.  It stars Kerry Washington and was created by Shonda Rhimes.  This is a weekly must see at 10pm.  Can't wait for the season to start back up!

The Soul Food dinner is really exciting because it allows a time for fellowship, great music, and best of all, great food… buffet style!  This may just be one of my favorite events of the entire year!  I really hope there will be bacon included in the menu somehow.  And I think the picture above will capture my thoughts after the Soul Food dinner has closed :-)

This is a month of not just reflection, but a learning experience and a chance to continue to move in a positive direction.  There has been a great amount of advancement in this country but there is still room for so much more.  This month allows us to take a look at where WE were, where WE are, and where WE are going.


Black History is OUR history!  ​