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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


And the snow falls! The official first snow has come. Here in Berea it is about 20 degrees and the ground is covered in white soft snow. Everyone has begun complaining about this Cleveland weather but we all knew it was coming. I have other thoughts about the snow and the winter weather.


Call me crazy, but I absolutely love the snow! If it were up to me, it would snow all year long! Part of the reason I love the snow so much is because of its beauty. The sparkling white glistens over the grass and the snow falls from the trees like glitter being thrown into the air. The other reason why I enjoy the snow so much is that I’m a snowboarder. Snowboarding has been my passion for the past 10 years and winter is my favorite for that fact. I practically am Shaun White’s twin sister considering how similar we look and because we both are snowboarders! I cannot wait to get out of the slopes and try new tricks this year! Let’s just hope (for my sake)that this snow sticks and the hills will be completely covered within the next weeks!