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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Culture Night!

Hallo, Hola, Bon Jour! This Friday was culture night here at BW! Culture Night is a night where students from all around the world come together and perform a variety of entertainment acts. It is held in the student union and another benefit to going is the delicious free food. This year the food included Falafels, Pita, Sesame Chicken, and a variety of other ethnic foods. The acts were also very entertaining.


My favorite act was the Karate act. There was a group of students of different ages performing and they all broke boards, which to me is pretty darn amazing! Other acts included singing, playing musical instruments, salsa dancing, Irish dancing, and many others! There were also other activities such as Henna tattoos, face painting, and a table where you could buy homemade jewelry. Overall it was a very fun and entertaining event and cannot wait to see what talents we are in store for next year.