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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Another Monday!

Hey guys! Just keeping you updated on my daily adventures here at BW! Today is the dreaded day of the week but it’s basically over so I can celebrate getting through another Monday with some low- fat orange sorbet! Nothing super exciting happened this past weekend, but the Cleveland Cavaliers did practice on our basketball court in our rec center which was pretty cool! My roommate also saw one of the Cavs players at the Target in Strongsville, how cool huh?!

Today was very chilly and I even had to whip out the North Face zip-up coat and scarf! I went to a Pilate’s group class at noon with a couple of other friends and it was a great workout. I’m feeling much healthier since I have been exercising every day and eating better! I don’t have any physical changes yet but it does take time. So at this moment I’m very content with my healthy lifestyle choices!  Till next time