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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Friday Nights!

Hey guys! So today was a very busy day! I had my usually Friday afternoon classes and then a meeting with Jaime Yager, director of student activities. The meeting was concerning my new presidential position with the German club. The meeting was very helpful in preparing for the upcoming events the German club has planned. The Oktoberfest is our largest event we put on each year and we have over 100 people attending, so for me this is a big project I have to take on.

After meeting with Jaime, I went to the rec center and had a great workout! Our rec center here is ideal. With all the free weights, weight machines, and any type of cardio machine you could imagine it couldn’t be any better. Eventually I ate dinner, did some homework, and finally the weekend could really start. My roommate and I are very close and have the same friends so we decided to do a typical girls night. For those of you reading this that do not know what is involved with girls night here you go: number one is lots of food(pizza, ice cream, popcorn, you name it), then comes the painting nails, and wrapping the night up with everyone’s favorite, the movie mean girls. After all the fun it’s time for me to get some rest; till next time!