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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Eurotrip 2014

Everything continues to be wonderful here in Germany! I’m sure everyone is very stressed about final exams and whatnot but my advice to everyone is just to stay focused and yes I know it is a lot of work and overwhelming but I promise everything will be okay!


School has officially begun here and let me tell you it is a whole different system over here. I am taking one German language course with other international students to improve my German, two other German courses for German majors, and a German literature class. What is really different is how many credits the classes are worth and the amount of work you are given. For example in my German literature class it is worth 4 credits and the only work we have to do is a one page assignment and a 15 minute presentation and you earn the 4 credits! I was very happy when I found out that in Germany it is pretty much that students teach themselves and have to have self-guided learning styles. On the other hand, your grade only comes from the big test, presentation, or paper which if you slack the whole semester you will not succeed and pass the course. Therefore to be successful you have to keep up studying even when you are not tested throughout the semester.


Other than school I have been meeting lots of people. People from all over the world and I absolutely love it! I have recently become close with two other international students from Greece; Agni and Eri. Today they started teaching me Greek; so far I know the alphabet. I would like to learn as many languages as possible while I am here and also when I return to the US I am very interested to do so.

On that note I think I will say Chao from the beautiful land of Germany and wish everyone the best of luck on their final exams!