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Week Two in Osnabrueck

And it is officially week two of studying in Osnabrueck! While the studying part actually hasn’t started yet, the fun has! Why has the studying not start yet you ask, well that is because in Germany classes have not begun yet and do not start until the 22nd of April. I did however schedule my classes for the upcoming semester here and let me tell you it was a disaster. Being in a foreign unknown land can be hard and then trying to understand their ways of doing things through what is known as our Grad plan and academic eval is totally confusing. I mean hey it took most of us until our second year at BW to understand the graduation plan. What matters is the classes are scheduled and that is that!



Well you may be wondering what the heck I’m doing here since classes have not officially started yet, good question. I have been doing more than you can imagine! On Saturday alone with the other 40 international students we took an excursion to Hamburg, which was absolutely amazing! As for the other days we have been wondering the city, trying new and exotic foods, and just meeting as many people as possible, remember guys it’s not what you know in this world it’s who you know! So overall I have been having a great time. I hope my blogs really inspire each and every one of you who are reading this to travel abroad it is an experience you will never forget!