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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

And we meet again!

Long time fellow readers! I hope everyone enjoyed their long winter break I sure did! For myself I am actually on break until I leave for Germany in March where I will be studying for the spring semester. If you have not thought about it I highly recommend studying abroad it is such an experience and you learn so much from it, I absolutely cannot wait for my journey to begin!


I’m sure you are all wondering what I do with all my spare time since I don’t have to go to class (which I am still getting used to) and I do a lot more than you would expect! During the day I babysit, or if I am not babysitting I am preparing for Germany; planning where I am going to be living, filling out forms, talking to the international coordinator, all the super fun things everyone loves doing so much (sarcasm obviously). I spend my night’s waitressing at Outback steakhouse which for a college student is a pretty good gig but all the money I make goes straight to the bank for the big Germany trip. Needless to say I am keeping very busy. . .


*This is Neuschwanstein Castle located in Schwangau, Germany it is a very popular tourist attraction and you can guarantee I will be visiting it as well.