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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Melbourne & The Great Ocean Road

Melbourne City was a big change from our beach vacation and I loved it. The city was always bustling, there were awesome restaurants, great shopping, great sightseeing with the beautiful architecture, a beautiful river through the city and huge Royal Botanical Gardens. I really realized in Melbourne that Australian's are still connected with and very loyal to England. I always knew but never had a feel for it. There were monuments to English royal figures everywhere, this added to the beauty of the city as well as giving me some more background about Australia from the plaques.  Centre Place, an extremely skinny alley that was full of little cafes and restaurants was my favorite place in Melbourne. The food was great and it was so lively. I want to live in a place like Melbourne, I loved it.

From Melbourne we took a small two day tour of The Great Ocean Road. It was absolutely beautiful! There were many parks and spots with over looks to see the natural beauty of the tall rock walls. We stopped in several coastal towns and spent the night in my favorite hostel yet, Great Ocean Road Backpackers Loren. From there we left early and went to find koalas in the wild! I was so excited and these little guys are absolutely precious. Like me, they are very picky eaters. The guide said there is something like 700 types of eucalyptus, the koalas only food which is poisonous, and they only can eat about 15 kinds but really only like two kinds. This results in many dead  trees because the koalas eat all of the leaves! These trees can only grow back with a forest fire.  From here we went to Phillip Island and saw the Penguins come out of the ocean back to their nests in a very cold night. The little guys were so cute, sadly no cameras were allowed so I couldn't document this event. Overall my trip to Melbourne was very exciting and a wonderful time.