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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Austalian English

No one knows what a bagel is or has had one. They don't exist here.

Many words have an u thrown in like behaviour. Many of our words with z have s’s here. Memorise, not memorize.

You know the saying you say tomato (toe-mate-o) I say tomato (tom-at-o)? Well they actually say it the later form.

People say how goes it? instead of how are you.

People say cheers instead of thank you.

The response to thank you is no problem. I have not heard one Australian say your welcome.

Aluminum is pronounced ale-u-min-e-um not al-ooh-min-um

Uni- University. We would say are you going to class or did you just get back from class. They say going to uni or did you just get back from uni?

Thong- Flip Flops

Togs- Bathing Suit. The first day I met my roommate he asked what I was doing and I replied “I’m going to grab my suit and head to the pool”. I got the weirdest look/stare and no response. So I clarified I am going to get my swim outfit and he goes “ohh togs, I thought you meant a real suit”.

Chips- French fries and real chips. I get a lot of crap and corrected every time I say french fries

Biscuits- Cookies, crackers. My roommates never fail to laugh at me when I say crackers. They think the "hard r" is just the worst sounding noise ever. And they do a terrible imitation of my pronunciation of cracker.

Goon- Boxed wine.
Petrol- Gas
Jumper- Sweater
Veranda- porch
Motorway- Expressway or thruway
keen- like to or like something
I reckon- I think