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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Mojo Surf Camp


Last Thursday a group of about 55 students left for a seven hour ride on a big bus trip south down to Arrawarra Beach. The bus arrived late Thursday evening and we set up in our four person bunkers, they were metal boxes with about an eight inch thick metal door. The “cabins” were actually very nice and clean, had a good bath room, covered with sand and a kitchen area. We got to explore the who camp and the beach. It was a great start to the trip.

Friday morning involved being woken up at 7am instead of 8am we were all confused and telling the lady, no no its only 7. The surf instructors told us we had to be up at eight for breakfast. New South Whales, the state that Mojo is in, has day light savings and Queensland, where Uni is, does not. Regardless we get up tired but excited. The trip included breakfast, lunch and dinner and this was our first breakfast. This being our first meal we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of food. There was so much and it was good. We go as a group into the area where they talk to us before lessons and where we pick up our boards and I find that I am sick to my stomach with nerves. I have never been a great swimmer, I always loved floating on top of pools. The ocean has never really scared me but I always found it hard to enjoy getting knocked around by waves and getting salt water in my nose, mouth and ears. I was thinking oh my goodness what have I gotten myself into. I was terrified. The instructor was talking about rips and how there are always two on the beach and I really get terrified. We get our boards and head down to the beach to do group stretch and a basic training of the mechanics of getting up. We go in and I try about four times and epically fail. Falling off the board, getting toppled on by wave after wave. I am a little down on myself so I flag one of the about ten instructors down and say “If we are going to make this work I’m going to need some individual attention”. Well that worked and I was standing up in no time! I didn't wear a wet suit so I got some pretty bad scrapes on my thighs, arms and chin but they're worth it.

That Friday we had another afternoon lesson then relaxed until a fabulous dinner and then the parties began. We all went to bed pretty early because we were worn out and then had the same routine as the day before minus the afternoon surf lesson. In the morning lesson I did a tandem board with the instructor. The board was huge and luckily I didn't have to do the paddling but we both would stand at the same time which was so fun. During the afternoon a group of us borrowed some boards and went out on our own. We were all feeling so accomplished being able to surf by ourselves. The pattern repeated again with dinner and the party.

Come sunday morning after our surf lesson and final meal at Mojo I found my self truly sad to be leaving. I feel like I was away from Uni for over a week and I honestly had a blast. The atmosphere, the people, and the surfing combined to make such an unforgettable weekend and my favorite yet here in Australia. I am so blessed to be having these experiences.