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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

End of Week Two

The second week of class was quiet eventful. This week included a tutorial, of either one hour or two, for each class. I was a bit nervous about going but I like tutorials much better than lectures. It is closer to BW’s small class size and has equal if not more individual attention and class discussion.

I ended up deciding I could not do the history class I was in after sitting through three hours of it so I switched out of it and into another history class. The funny part was I sat through six hours of history that one day.

I finally joined the gym which I am so happy about. Now I can get into some sort of routine thats not dependent on the wow its too hot to run outside factor. I also have been meaning to pick up yoga since I bean college (year and a half ago) and finally did so last night. It was quite a different intense work than I’m use to but I definitely will be going back and surprised myself with my ability to follow and catch on so fast.

I was in the back corner of the room and one pose (sorry I can’t recall its name) called for us to put our feet over our head well my feet ended up going into a potted tree and making a ton of nose. The class got a laugh about that!

The atmosphere about school work is very relaxed here. The pool is always full and people are always pleasure reading. Hello I love that. I do need to sit down and plan ahead for all of my big papers. Two of which are due in one week and two weeks.. ah!