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First Week of the Semester Done: Check

I was lucky enough to have an extremely long Christmas Break with my last exam being around December fifteenth and my second semester starting on February 20th! The long relaxing break and first week in Australia have come to an end and once again I need to exercise my brain.

Classes at University of the Sunshine Coast have a lecture and tutorial once a week each. The lectures rooms are auditoriums with stadium seating and between have between one hundred-three hundred people. This is a bit new to me. The tutorials are break offs of the lecture and normally contain between twelve and twenty four people. I am looking forward to the more one on one aspect of the tutorials. Some of my classes give ten percent for participation in tutorial (hopefully an easy ten percent since I'm a talker).

The first week had only lectures which was a nice ease back into school. I had one lecture on Monday evening, Counseling for the Human Services Profession, this course looks like it will be interesting and not too much work. I had my second lecture on Tuesday at noon, Physiological Psychology, this class will also be very interesting to me because I am a psychology minor and haven't come across a psychology class I didn’t find fascinating yet.  This class will be a ton of work and hard. My third lecture was on Wednesday morning, Life and Death in the City, at 8am which was long, cold, and boring. This class is needed though for core and even though it isn’t my cup of tea I’m glad it is counting towards graduation. This class has nine essays which is a bit daunting and will consume a good chunk of study time. My last lecture of the week was Developmental Psychology.

I woke up on Thursday morning around 8:30 and took my sweet time getting ready for the day and eating breakfast. I went to campus by ten and sat outside skyping for an hour and a half. I told my parents to please hold on while I checked where my lecture was and to my shock the lecture was from ten to noon! It was eleven thirty! I couldn’t believe that some how I accidentally missed my first class. I was immediately a bit worried but the powerpoint was online and I’m sure all the important topics will be discussed again.

So I'm back into the routine of studying. It rained all week here on the Sunshine Coast which definitely helped my study time get a boost. It’ll be tough to motivate myself when its nice out again but with fifteen essays to complete in a sixteen week semester I will with out a doubt have to fight the urge to go on little adventures all the time. Hopefully, I find a good balance of adventure and school.