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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Kondalilla Falls


Up until now I had only experienced the beach and campus life of Australia. On this past Friday the school got a bus and took some students to Kondalilla Falls. The trip was amazing!

The falls are located about an hour hike down a valley into the rainforest. It was very humid but so worth it. There were several smaller falls along the walk that made the large falls even more spectacular. Once we got to the bottom we hiked back up to a swimming hole at the top. The water was freezing and the hole was so deep. A boy decided to climb up the side hill of a smaller falls and just jumped off a twenty five foot ledge. I was shocked. How did he know it was deep enough? All of a sudden my active adventure side was in conflict with my cautious side. Some of the other guys I was with were set that they too had to do jump. I said I would walk up and take pictures but not jump. I knew deep down that was a lie.

The first jump I jumped from a lower ledge. It was so exciting and I’m so proud of myself for making all of my experience there. I knew I would have regretted not jumping. The second trip up I was much more afraid to jump from the tall ledge. It took three; one, two, no I can’t counts, to finally jump. All five students from BW did the jump. Only seven people did it out of a trip of about 40 people. We had a blast. I’m loving my time here still even though classes started on Monday. My next blog will be about my first week of classes!