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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Just Some Quick Thoughts

This blog is going to be a bit all over the place with just some tidbits of what time thinking.

Things that are different so far:
1.    The heat of the sun. Its hot!
2.    The accents. There are many international students as well as Australians. I thought the Australian accents would be heavier but they aren't and often times many accents sound the same. The Norwegians sound the same. The French sound very different as well as the Americans. My roommate Terry (Australian) however has a very strong accent. The first time we met I was embarrassed I had to have him repeat himself several time. He eventually slowed his talking down.
3.    When I say thank you the response is that's fine instead of your welcome. It always stands out to me. 
4.    The class assessments. My classes are history, sociology, and two psychology. Each class does assessment by essay. So I will have many essays while here and I’m nervous for that. I won't be use to that sort of assessment I'm used to frequent testing which is 90%t of the time multiple choice.
5.    People go into stores without shirts and shoes. I like this because it is so hot and shows that the society is a bit more relaxed. This is very frowned upon in America.
6.    The public transportation is easy to figure out! I have trouble at home.
7.    The drinking age.
8.    Minimum wage here is done by age. If I were to work I would make twenty dollars an hour!
9.    Food is expensive. My favorite breakfast, Cherrios, go for $8.00 a small box. Needless to say my favorite breakfast won’t be happening. I got an Australian brand of frosted flakes and I’m pleased. :)
10.    Students start University earlier. Many first year students are 17. But at the same time many students take a year off to travel before they start school.
11.    Not as much of a working out culture. At the gym the weights and scale are different so I had to look up conversions. (I’m getting good at the Fahrenheit to Celsius) The distance is very confusing especially when asking for directions.
12.     The birds are so loud. They also have different chirps. (Missing BW squirrels)

I am the pickiest eater ever and so far I have tried and liked a few new foods. I like the vegetarian sausages. I don’t want to know exactly whats in them but they are good. My German roommate made shrimp and I tried that and loved it! My goal while here, since I have a full kitchen and having “barbies” is common, is to become a better cook. Right now I am honestly a bit clueless in the kitchen so I’m excited! I grilled the most delicious carrots with seasoning. I am going to try with other vegetables and fish.

One funny note. I’m always a bit clumsy and tend to fall and trip regularly. I was searching for cameras before I left and decided to go a bit more expensive with a waterproof and shock proof camera. Well good thing I did. The other day at Alexandra Head Beach I was walking on some rocks and I fell hard. The camera hit the rock so hard, the noise was terrifying, and got in some water. I luckily only got a tiny cut and scrap. The camera however was perfectly fine! I’m so glad I choose that camera because if I had a normal one I have no doubt that it would have broken. I also learned a lesson to be more careful.

I am very happy with my stay so far and have gotten only a little homesick one evening.