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Atomic Schedule!

So things have gotten a little bit insane in my life.  The way I know this is that I often forget to eat.  That does not happen in my world. 

As a music theatre major, one backstage credit is required, meaning you need to crew a show, or some similar thing.  I was going to do costume crew for Hamlet, but because of aforementioned play rehearsals, I had to drop out.  In order to make up for that, I now work 4 hours a week in the costume shop, plus my added 5 hours of rehearsal (4 hours plus transit) every night.

So you see why I haven't been blogging. 

Yesterday, I went from noon to midnight without seeing my apartment or having a break of more than 15 minutes, all because of taking on this new project.  But you know what?  It's very, very worth it.  The costume shop has turned out to be loads of fun, and the play feels a bit like a breakthrough for me as an actor/artist.  It's a role I can really get into because the character's experiences are so similar to mine.

And in the end, working hard to do what you love....really doesn't feel like work.