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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Don Giovanni

Toward the end of last semester, things got very high-stakes about auditions for Spring Awakening, which is our winter musical to be performed at the Beck Center (a local theatre in Cleveland).  Naturally, everyone in my department (that's music theatre, for those who are new to the blog) was in a frenzy about the prospect of performing in this edgy piece in a different venue.  I gave it my all and had rather a breakthrough audition, in my opinion, so I wasn't all that disappointed that I wasn't cast in the production.  Thankfully, something is always happening at BW, and I have now joined the cast of Don Giovanni, my second (well, kind of third) opera!  So it's back into the classical world I go, for an expedition into Mozart.  We open in early February, for those interested.  Here's a link!