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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Alumni Spotlights

Chris Windham

student photo
  1. Class Year


  2. Degree

    Bachelor of Arts

  3. Major


  4. Hometown

    Hudson, OH

  5. Biography

    My time at BW was spent enjoying all that college promises to offer. I was involved in athletics with the varsity soccer team and a brief stint on the track and field team focusing on pole vault. I spent all four years in the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and was a re-founding member in 2006. In addition I was involved in Midnight Madness as an MC and worked as a Weekend of Welcome orientation leader.

    Majoring in Economics gave me a broad understanding of the world and how it works. During my time in my major I was privileged to work with a visiting professor in Austrian economics that has shaped my interpretation of economic thought to this day. While in school I obtained an internship with a financial services group and learned valuable lessons about the professional world. I now work for a local non-profit called Team NEO which focuses on economic development, specifically in attracting new business from outside of Ohio to this area.

Questions and answers

What is your favorite thing about BW?

I loved the closeness of the school from academics to social life. I have made friends for life and built a network that ensures that my career has no limits.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

Treat your time at BW as a preparation for your working life. Schedule your classes from 9-5 and get the work you need to get done during those hours, while enjoying the atmosphere and opportunities to the fullest. College is a risk free environment and embrace it as such. Put yourself out there and pursue the things that interest you.

How did BW help you prepare for life after college?

I grew up a lot in college. I learned the importance of responsibility and following through.

What would you have changed about your undergraduate experience?

I would have treated my undergraduate career as a job. Taking things in with more gravity and acknowledging that the experience and lessons I was learning were life lessons not simply a means to a degree.