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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

The First Finals

We all know that for college students, finals week is often the most strenuous, dramatic, stressful week of our lives. In reality it isn't about the tests themselves, but how you manage your time and prepare for them. I recently viewed a presentation on stress management in my Presentational Speaking class that really changed my view on finals week. I used to believe that it was terrible, way too hard, and ignorant of teachers to expect us to retain everything they've taught us throughout the year. However, now I have a distorted view, positively distorted though. I've learned that organization is key, stress management is key, and laughter, especially when things come down to the wire, is key. If your not willing to laugh and enjoy the little things that happen to you because of your immense stress about an upcoming final, then your doing it all wrong.

Take a deep breath when getting annoyed, take a break from all the paperwork sprawled across your desk and watch your favorite tv show, or even just take a step back and laugh; trust me it works. Trust yourself as well, trust what you've learned and retained throughout the semester, and manage your time wisely. This is merely advice, so any reader can take it or leave it but it has definitely helped me. If your stress has become unbearable then you can always visit this website: learningdynamicsinc.org, they have a great section on coping with stress and other anxiety issues. Otherwise, stay positive and remember...if you don't know it by now, you never will. Take care, and live a little.