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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


It was cold but not too cold, the wind was blowing but the sun was creeping through the clouds, and we couldn’t wait to get a move on. We all threw our Adidas and Nike dufflebags into the back of my two door on Saturday morning and jumped in with excitement and anticipation for the trip ahead. Destination: Ohio University. We make it a point to go every semester, my friends and I, and this was our first weekend to really road trip. I honestly think it’s more about the trip down as a traditional excursion than it is the experience of visiting our friends at OU. The visits are always fun and warming and they make you remember you have friends everywhere, but my buddies and I that go down every year do it for each other to have something to hold on to and look forward to.

Usually we’ll go see a basketball game or a some MAC football at the stadium but this time it was just for a day to walk around the campus and party with friends once the lights when down. The point of all this is to remind you all to look for the true meaning in the things you do. If you go to church with mom every Sunday it may not be just about church for her, but about the experience and tradition with you so don’t stray away from those moments. Have fun, keep your enemies close, but your friends and you memories closer.